Your Older Self Will Thank You


Whether you’re approaching 50 or pushing 60, here are 5 habits your older self will thank you for.  Not only will your older self thank you, but so will your loved ones. Most of these habits I started in my early 30s; and still today, I wish I had done more.

1. Start an exercise regimen and stay with it. Start this early because over 25, your metabolism slows down; and it becomes harder to lose weight. If you start this habit early enough, it becomes a habit. I have been exercising for well over 30 years. It’s what I do. Exercising comes as naturally to me as breathing.

2. Mind your money. This is a no-brainer, regardless of age. Don’t fall into the “money doesn’t matter trap”. It’s ok to be young and broke. But, there is nothing glamorous (or even pretty) about being old and broke. It can be UGLY! So, save…for retirement, for a rainy day, for opportunities, for those unexpected emergencies. Like exercise, make saving a natural part of your life. Never too late to start saving.

3. Take control of your health. This means taking care of your body, making wise and healthy food choices. Think of your body as you would a car. Would you fuel your car with junk instead of the right fuel? Would you use water instead of oil or gas? Probably not. Because either your car wouldn’t run properly or not run at all. Just as your car needs certain care to run efficiently, so does your body. You wouldn’t put junk in your cars’ gas tank; so, why would you put it in your own gas tank – your precious body?  Taking control of your health also means getting those routine annual checkups, including dental.

4. Make yourself a priority. Another way of saying this is: put yourself first or take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is not only the right thing to do; it’s the responsible thing to do. You can’t adequately take care of others if you haven’t taken care of yourself.

5. Live with purpose. We all have a reason for being; a purpose. People who live with purpose remain active and engaged much longer than those who are not. So, find yours and live it! Forget your age and live with purpose.

How many of these habits are you currently engaged in? Let me hear from you.