Embrace Your Age

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

A Work of Art

Paula’s husband, a handsome man in his late 70s, proudly volunteers that he is 78 years old. This annoys his wife of 50 years because, in her words, “He is broadcasting my age; not just his. It’s nobody’s business how old I am”. Though still a beautiful woman, one can clearly see that she is in her mid to late 70s. But, apparently, she doesn’t want this confirmed. While her husband fully embraces his age, she doesn’t.

Whatever your age, it’s something to be proud of! Embrace it!  Be proud that you’re still in a position to be of service; to enjoy life; and to make a difference – in some small or large way. It’s impressive, attractive, and empowering when you fully embrace your age –whether you’re 50 or a 100. My friend, Helen (above), embraces her age; and already making plans to celebrate the big 8-0.

When I think about embracing your age, I am reminded of this Maya Angelou poem which beautifully expresses how we ought to feel about aging. And, it challenges the longstanding view of aging as decline.

On Aging

“When you see me sitting quietly, like a sack upon a shelf, Don’t think I need your chattering. I’m listening to myself. Hold! Stop! Don’t pity me! Hold! Stop your sympathy! Understanding if you got it, otherwise I’ll do without it! When my bones are stiff and aching and my feet won’t climb the stair, I will only ask one favor: Don’t bring me no rocking chair. When you see me walking, stumbling, don’t study and get it wrong. ‘Cause tired don’t mean lazy and every goodbye ain’t gone. I’m the same person I was back then, a little less hair, a little less chin, A lot less lungs and much less wind. But ain’t I lucky I can still breathe in.”

How do you feel about your age? Do you treat it as if it’s some big state secret? Or do you embrace it?  Let me hear your thoughts.


Lifestyles of Agless People

Never Too Young

You’re never too young or too old to build a solid foundation for becoming ageless.

Have you ever pondered the lifestyles of people who don’t seem to get old not matter their chronological age?  Recently I have been paying a great deal of attention to these people (mostly women). And, here are a few things I have discovered; a few things they have in common.

  • They are active – in every way. They are engaged and involved in some type of social activity – whether community or church. They all do some form of physical exercise on a regular basis. They walk, play tennis, take group exercise classes or swim.
  • They are conscious about what they eat. They don’t eat a lot of junk.  And, when they plan to put in long hours, they carry apples, nuts, water, and other healthy snacks.
  • They have a supportive inner circle. Some of these women have had the same friends for over 30 years. And, they take time out of their busy schedules to spend time with their friends and family. They cultivate relationships. They remember and celebrate special events like birthdays, and the like.
  • They are current. They keep up with current events. And, embrace technology. They are technologically and social media savvy; sending emails and text messages on a regular basis.
  • They are passionate about something. There are causes (or a single cause) they strongly believe in and commit their time to supporting. They are tireless and fearless – even though it sometimes means stepping outside of their comfort zone.

These women are a living testament to George Burn’s quote: “you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old”.

Do you have some thoughts on not growing old? Let me hear from you.


Life is Simple.

Life is Simple.

lifeissimpleWould you like to feel better about yourself and have lots of energy? Then, eat healthy food, get your sleep, exercise regularly, use positive words, and think positive thoughts.

Do you want to be able to walk and move more and faster? Then, walk and move more and faster.

Do you want people to see the best in you and give you the benefit of the doubt? Then, see the best in them and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Do you want people to show you more love and appreciation? Then, show them more love and appreciation.

Do you want to have more? Then, give more.

Would you like to be happy? Then, be happy!

Would you like to change your life? Then, change your life.

Life really is THAT simple.  Agree?